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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Saturday's bike ride with Lisa & Matt did not have an auspicious beginning. I got a flat tire near Kungsträdgården. Then, when we were putting on the spare, the tube got pinched and we ended up putting a hole in that tube too! We patched the spare and headed South across Gamla Stan, and then beyond to Hammarbybacken via Danvikstull.

We climbed to the top of the hill there, which has Stockholm's only ski lift. It was a tough climb! I tried to bike straight up the path and got exhausted only halfway up the first steep bit. So I got off my bike, caught my breath, and then tried again, this time curtting across the hill, and making my own switchbacks instead of going straight up the fall line. That strategy paid off and I made it up the rest of the way. Here, Lisa poses at the top and celebrates the accomplishment!

Matt and I at the top, with Hammarby and Globen in the background.

Lotta lives in one of those buildings down there, but I'm not sure in which.

After the climb up Hammarbybacken, we took a little ride in the forest. Matt led us on a quick tricky trail. We were glad to take a rest by a lillypad-covered lake.

On the way back North through the city, we encoutered a band playing what sounded like gypsy music. It was fun to listen to -- very lively and upbeat.

Matt & Lisa listening to the music.

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